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Fleck Stone

FLECKSTONE captures the feel, color and timeless beauty of natural stone. 

The look of granite, the feel of stone, the ease of spray paint. With Plasti-Kote FLECKSTONE, the average do-it-yourselfer can easily create exciting, textured artificial finishes. You can add the look of opulence and luxury to a table, or the natural look of baked pottery to a lamp. FLECKSTONE provides a faux granite, multi-color texture to any project. Exciting to work with because of its scope, this unique decorating medium can add dimension and flair in just minutes. Plasti-Kote's now comes in single can base coats and either exterior or interior topcoats.

The exterior topcoat offers a new dimension to FLECKSTONE water resistance, UV protection, outdoor durability, and fast dry finish. Now with FLECKSTONE Exterior Clear Coat, decorative items on the porch, patio, deck, or garden have extra protection from the elements. 

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